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[23-05-2024] Notice for EM-21 batch. Orientation will be held on 5th June 2024 (probably) and classes will start from 6th June 2024 (probably).          

N.B.: This serial is not in order of seniority

Prof. Dr. Samar Chandra Sarkar Professor

Prof. Dr. Samar Chandra Sarkar
MBBS, M. Phil
Dr. Tarana Yasmin Associate Professor

Dr. Tarana Yasmin
Dr. Mashah Binte Amin Associate Professor

Dr. Mashah Binte Amin
Dr. Kaniza Kabir Associate Professor

Dr. Kaniza Kabir
MBBS, M.Phil, MD
Dr. Shamanta Faria Assistant Professor

Dr. Shamanta Faria
MBBS, M.Phil